3 Factors When Choosing Your Pool Table Lighting Fixture

Don’t get caught cussing yourself out for making these mistake.

“OMG! I bought Chicago Bears lights for the pool table room but the room colors are definitely Cleveland Browns!” or “OMG Bart! You bought antique Tiffany style lamps for the pool table room, but you know we we’ve already bout the paint and the team favorite extras to do the Sports Theme!”

Make sure you match your pool table lamps with your current or planned decor!

Here are 3 things to remember to make the right lamps match the right colors in your pool table room.

Consider Colors

Most times the color and intensity of your lights will depend upon the color of the felt on the table. Dark colors seem to look and feel best in a tournament billiard room. They will make the table and lamps stand out. Neon looks great against a dark wall too. Add chair railings to add a bit of lightness down the middle of the room and add some mild cheer into the room.

Light colors look and feel great when the room is for general multi player play.

Decide how much light you want in the room. Do you want the serious ‘Tournament’ look, where only the table under the flood lights and the player with the stick can be seen? Or do you want the entire room open, ‘Pool Room style’ so that there can be constant interaction from all participants. Darker colors outside the flood light will bring on the ‘Tournament’ look. Lighter colors will add fun and participation.

Just make sure there is enough even lighting on the table to prevent pockets of shadows that might hinder play.

Tournament Pool Table Room

Consider Materials

Once again what do you want your pool room to feel like? Do you want Sports Themed, Classical Billiard Style, or do you want a sleek and modern style.

Of course if you’re going for the Sports Theme you need team colors, pictures, and memorabilia.  Even your lamp shades can scream ‘Eagles!’ or ‘Bears!’ or ‘Hurricanes!’ Run a painted color stripe around the room, at the top or in the middle, that matches your sports materials, and just have fun with it!

For a Classical Billiard Room, your materials might include posters announcing famous billiard matches or movies whose main theme was pool. Run a colored stripe that matches the 7 or the 15 ball on the top or middle of one wall. Add simple but comfortable wooden tables and chairs that add a solid but temporary seating look. And don’t forget a dart board and a decorative scoring board.

If you want the sleek modern look, paint your walls in slate blue or dark blue and add lighter or darker highlights. Paint three walls a light color and smack your players with one dark wall. Overlap stenciled patterns to make a 3D look.

Table and chairs should be fluff and comfortable, with a modern skeletal wonder chair included here and there. Your furniture and colors don’t have to be from ‘TRON’, but it doesn’t hurt to think future as well as comfortable when designing your pool room.

Consider Design

Before picking Color or Materials sketch out want you want and make a plan, and stick to it. Bears don’t live dolphins, and TRON and Minnesota Fats don’t particularly like each other either, but they be mixed if the builders wander off the plan.

So, plan and build your pool table room to your own taste and style and have fun making it happen, before and after the game.

Some planning and designing sites, like Better Homes and Gardens have online designing software that allows you to see a virtual room before you buy materials. Look for this advantage when you are shopping for pool table accoutrements. If you need more guidance and information before buying your lighting fixture, check out this useful resource on lighting.

Testing Your Geometry Skills With Pool Tables

One of the more fun games that you can play today is that of billiards. Many people start out with this game at a local game zone or parlor where they have many of these set up for people to enjoy. At first glance, getting good at the game requires you to know every square inch of a pool table. While many think that you need to play a lot of games, others realize that it’s all about math. In fact, this game is almost perfect, if you know your geometry. The angles at which you can hit versus the pressure at which you move the ball with your cue, can turn you from amateur to professional in no time.

If you are looking at improving your skill set with this game, you’ll first want to understand the basic rules. In most games, 9 balls are located on the pool table, and one white one. The white ball will be the one that you interact with straightway to drive others into the pockets. If you are playing against an opponent, you will need to select the type of ball that you’re going to try and drive into the pockets, omitting the final ball, usually the 8 (black).

As you take turns hitting the cue ball (white), and rolling others into the pockets, you can eventually win. Winning relies on your ability to hit the appropriate balls in all the pockets, and then hit the final ball into a pocket of your calling. While this may seem simple enough, you have to really pay attention to the power of your strike, and the geometry that is created by the rectangular table. For more information on geometry of billiards, check out this free Ebook.

For those that want to test their skills on any given pool table, it may be a good idea to purchase one. Purchasing one for the home is not too expensive for entry level options, it gets very expensive if you want to emulate the professional level equipment, however.

Clearing Pool Tables like a Pro

When it comes to mastering the game of billiards and being a king on pool tables, you are going to have to stick to a few rules of thumbs. This is especially true if you want to be a hustler, or at least better than your friends at the game. Clearing the table of balls is not something that just anyone can do, it takes some dedication and practice, but there are a few tips that can help you improve.

clearing pool table

First and foremost, you will want to break as hard as you can. Those being said, don’t scratch the table, and don’t try to make balls jump, but rather hit the cue (white) ball at the center position and do so with as much follow through on your stick as possible. Practice this one move a lot, and in time you will be able to score a lot of different balls going into the pockets. Once you’ve done that, your next moves are going to be easier than most realize.

After you’ve broken things up, pick a set of balls and start to attack them with the farthest shot first. You want to get the farthest ones out first because they will most likely give you the most leverage to hit the cue ball and not drop it into the pocket. Once you’ve done that, your short game will begin. Clearing the pool tables at any given venue will start with you looking into these two major tips.

Again, you will want to break hard, if you get the chance, and then go for the long balls first. If you can follow through with that, practice a bit, and focus on the angles that are provided with the rectangular shape of pool, you will be a master in no time. Once you’ve mastered the strength and finesse that is required with the above, you will start to notice some finer points that you can narrow down and help you beat even the most accomplished player with relative ease.